Take precautions for Mom & Baby

Premature delivery is preventable in most cases. Mothers can by living healthier lifestyles from an earlier age and through pregnancy stay pregnant to full term.
Early deliveries are often blamed on deficient prenatal care, obesity, smoking, early C-sections, induced labor, fertility treatments, multiple gestation’s, autoimmune diseases such as Lupus, stress, preeclampsia and low socioeconomic status. But that is not the whole picture, much is  preventable and even moms that are poor or went through IVF can have wonderful pregnancies if they are healthy with some exceptions.  Even “high risk” moms (twins, placenta previa, incompetent cervix, diabetes, hypertension, obesity and moms on bed rest,  can with proper exercise and nutrition have healthy full term deliveries (37-40 weeks).
Of course some pre-pregnancy conditions and carrying multiple babies can bring the mother some unexpected problems.  Especially preeclampsia. A toxic condition that require the birth of the baby(ies) to happen quickly and usually via C-section, or there could be serious complications for mom and baby (see March of Dimes for more info).
Stress of some sort seems to be the main culprit. Stress can come from nutritional deficiencies, eating too much sugar, processed and fried foods, obesity, lack of exercise, conditions caused by fertility treatments, autoimmune diseases, depression, financial woes, a death in the family, family issues, a divorce, loss of a job etc could set it off.
Some common signs are headaches, vision trouble, quick weight gain, swelling of hands and face and pain in upper right belly.
However, the first sign seems to be an increase in blood pressure. So to be proactive, rather than wait for the other signs, moms should have a blood pressure cuff handy at home and monitor their BP every day after 25 weeks gestation. A normal healthy prenatal  BP  ranges between 90-105 over 50-80. The minute it increases 5-10 points above normal at either end moms should see their doctors and be checked and monitored. It can take weeks for the tests to come positive for preeclampsia.

Otherwise, reducing all kinds of stress is vital for moms throughout pregnancy. Time Magazine recently published an article on how a babies condition in utero will shape it’s health later depending on everything mom does or doesn’t while pregnant. Have i not been preaching this for 19 years….? One study said severe stress or starvation in the 2nd month of gestation can cause schizophrenia in baby….

So how does a mom de-stress, when pregnancy is a stress in and of itself….?

  1. Eat super healthy natural and organic foods – no processed/fried foods, artificial sweeteners, sugar or sodas.
  2. Take an excellent natural prenatal supplement with all Micro nutrients and fish oil – not just DHA.
  3. Exercise regularly. 5-6 days a week.
  4. Meditate and take naps.
  5. Keep excellent dental hygiene (brush and floss twice a day)
  6. Avoid all and any medications and chemical exposure, if possible.
  7. Slow down your workload.
  8. Try not to react to certain situations. Stay calm at all times.
  9. Get plenty of sleep.

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