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Chocolate, Hearts & Baby

February 13, 2011

Chocolate! Oh Chocolate….
Who knew Valentines Day could be so good for you. Chocolates history dates back to the Mayans who believed not only  in its divine origins but it’s medicinal properties. Cacao has long been used to reduce fever, anemia, poor appetite, mental fatigue, TB, gout, kidney stones, low virility and to help poor breast milk production digestion, constipation and the nervous system. Today we know how cacao reduces stress, and flavanols improve cognitive function.  Cacao has potassium, phosphorus, copper, iron, zinc magnesium, manganese, vitamin C and omega fatty acids that help cardiovascular heart health. In addition cacao help release dopamine and endorphins further reducing PMS symptoms and depression. . .    It’s chromium content helps blood sugar levels. Together chocolates qualities calms and excites your heart in an aphrodisiac way …..
Raw organic chocolate is of course more nutritious than roasted or more processed beans. and choclate should be consumed dark as the minute milk is included, cacao looses its benefits as dairy’s Sodium Casein protein reduces your body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Knowing all this, just imagine the benefits for mom and baby. Actually, science from Ylae University shows that pregnant moms consuming chocoalte 5 times a week, have 40% less risk of preeclampsia, than women eating choclate less than once a week. The University of Helsinki, Finland, found daily prenatal choclate consumption produced infants less fearful and laughing more at 6 months.  Perhaps we can assume that all this chocolate also helps make babies with healthier hearts, minds and happier through life.

A Chocolatty Valentines for Mom.

February 13, 2010

Valentines Day conjures up images of chocolate. But please don’t feel “guilty” about indulging. Chocolate is good for you. It is also good for mom and baby during pregnancy. Science has shown that babies that com from moms who ate chocolate while pregnant came out “happier” than other babies – and so were their moms.I am sure you’ve heard of it’s nutrients: anti-oxidants, polyphenols, & flavinoids, but chocolate also contains Tryptophane (helps you sleep – what mom doesn’t need that), and various vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Together they block oxidative stress and improve your cardiovascular circulatory system including your placenta, where a Yale U study found chocolate to ward off Preeclampsia by 40% if consumed 5 days a week. Chocolate is of course known as a “feel good” food where it helps stabilize hormones and lessen depression and ward off fatigue. It’s moms perfect snack. However, moderation is important:  1/2 – 1 1/2 oz is plenty. It is caloric, does contain some sugar and caffeine….And DARK chocolate is the way to go. All of the above benefits will disappear with milk chocolate as the milk prevents absorption of all these nutrients. Milk chocolate also has much more sugar and therefor  calories…..
For additional info please see a wonderful article by Lisa Gache from Beverly
Hills Manners on how to eat chocolate….I never met a chocolate i didn’t like…

Have A Sincerely Chocolatty Valentine’s Day

Birgitta Lauren