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Vitamin A could save millions of Children.

February 13, 2011

Cochran scientists recently found that vitamin A supplementation could save a million children a year by reducing measles and diarrhea. UNICEF says says 2 million children die annually from diarrhea. and according to Cochran 190 million children are vitamin A deficient globally.

More on Vitamin A:
A fat-soluble vitamin occurring naturally in 2 forms: preformed A and beta-carotene. The richest source of preformed A is found in fish-oil. Beta-carotene in carrots and greens. Preformed A is easier to absorb than carotene which needs to be converted into A for absorption. However, beta carotene is safer as the body will only convert it to as much A as it needs. More than 5000 IU’s of vitamin A during pregnancy can cause birth defects. But certain disorders like diabetes may be unable to absorb carotene. Vitamin A is vital for immune function, all tissue (skin, hair, eyes, organs) growth,repair, and protection, helps fight infections and regenerates cells for proper body functions including fertility and miscarriage prevention. Deficiencies have shown to cause difficult births, fetal death, cleft palate and other congenital birth defects.  Vitamin A also aids in sex hormone and mucus production.Cooking and pureeing vegetables helps absorption. Vitamin A needs zinc and fat for absorption, and works with vitamin E, D, and C. Cold weather hinders absorption and stress calls for more A.