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Preventing violence from the womb

December 29, 2012

By Birgitta Lauren      12.29.12


Can a violent nature be prevented? The short answer: yes, for the most part, but not always.

A violent nature doesn’t just happen; it is not in our human nature when healthy, to kill adorable little children, or anyone for that matter. We need to look for the root cause of these horrendous incidences rather than blame the wrong end of the problem. This is a mental health issue. Not a gun issue. A gun cannot shoot itself, it needs a person to pull the trigger, but it takes a very sick person mentally to commit such a heinous crime. Blaming the gun is like blaming a car for a person deliberately running over someone, or knives when someone gets stabbed. We have millions of healthy, stable gun owners that would never do such a thing. Of course many with mental health issues are not violent either, but what causes it?

Mental health, though a multifaceted issue, starts in the womb and is either helped or hurt by continued lifestyle factors.

Factors that can affect the mental development and health negatively, of a growing baby in utero and after:

  1. Processed junk food, (high fructose corn syrup, soda, sugar, high GI foods, preservatives, stabilizers, nitrates, hormones, flavors, colors, and many other synthetic chemicals).
  2. Genetically Modified foods (corn, soy, canola, sugar, cotton, Hawaiian Papaya)
  3. Malnutrition and nutrient deficiencies in B vitamins, omega fatty acids, selenium.
  4. Chemicals (Mercury, BPA, Phthalates, fluoride, diesel and petrochemicals, and pesticides in our food, medications, skincare, cleaning products, light bulbs and all electric gadgets).
  5. Medications/Drugs (especially vaccines, anti-depressants, cognitive enhancers, antibiotics, anti-nausea meds, prescription pain killers, illegal drugs including marijuana, cocaine, heroin, alcohol and cigarettes).
  6. Lack of Vitamin D and sun exposure, is linked to all mental and physical diseases.
  7. Viruses and microbes like mold.
  8. Lack of exercise, creates hormonal imbalance and oxygen deficiencies leading to mood disorders.
  9. Insufficient prenatal weigh gain / Dieting around time of conception & early pregnancy
  10. Excessive prenatal weight gain
  11. Low birth weight,  Preeclampsia and premature delivery
  12. Lack of probiotics, good bacteria and therefore vitamin K production in the gut.
  13. Babies born too close together (< 12 months between labor and conception).
  14. Mom’s or baby’s lack of sleep  (affect cortisol production)
  15. Chronic stress or major stressful event (via Cortisol production).
  16. Labor complications, (C-sections, labor medications such epidurals, pitocin, & vaccines given to newborns, vitamin K3 injections.)
  17. Thyroid problems and Iodine deficiencies or toxicity.
  18. Environmental toxin exposure, exhaust, cleaning products.

Many on this list are easy to change, although most don’t realize that mental health problems are CAUSED by the chemical poisoning of the human race and mind, through our foods, drugs and products around us. Between the consumption of processed junk food, soda, sugar, GMOs, drugs legal and illegal, and cigarettes, but especially the mind/brain/mood altering drugs of anti-depressants, ADHD, pain killers (biggest killer in the US 16,500/yr), and vaccines etc., especially during pregnancy and in children, we are creating an army of crazy zombies from the womb. We are being flooded with a tsunami of chemicals from before birth that not only prohibit proper brain development but cause many mental and physical diseases. Almost all pregnant women now have dangerous levels of chemicals in their blood. The more of the above risk factors a child encounters, the higher the risk for mental illness.

This is helped along with the endorsement and collaboration of the FDA, USDA, CDC, HHS, EPA, NIH, WHO, UN, Codex Alimentarius, Agenda 21 etc. together with the big food/chemical/drug companies, the medical industry, so-called health organizations and charities that are funded by the food, chemical and drug companies. The deliberate prevention of any real proactive prevention, by all these organizations as well as constant cover-up of the ill effects and dangers of especially GMO’s and vaccines to the unsuspecting and uneducated on these issues is an abomination. Organizations like and actually claim that it’s not preventable when in most cases it is.   Most in the medical industry do not even want to discuss alternative natural remedies and better lifestyle factors to prevent disease. The AAP (Amer. Ass of Pediatrics) and the WHO (World Health Org) actually wants mercury in vaccines (January 2013 issue of Pediatrics). The rise in autism can be directly related to the introduction of the Hib vaccines commencing in 1988.

The CDC just released their flu vaccine recommendations for pregnant women…and the FDA last week expanded Tamiflu to 2 week old infants (with no studies on children less than a year old, and side effects including cancer, infertility, hallucination, seizure, cell mutation and death). All this, despite, according to Robert Kennedy Jr., a secret meeting back in 2000 with the CDC, every vaccine manufacturer, executives of the FDA, the WHO, 52 in all, at a remote location in Simpsonwood, GA., discussing the scientific data and medical records of 100,000 children, that vaccines are very much responsible for a dramatic increase in autism and many other neurological disorders (speech delays, ADD, ADHD, slow learning, seizures etc.). Between the years 1988-2004, the number of vaccines given to children went up 300-400%, and the autism rate increased 15 fold, from 1 in 2500 to 1 in 166. This data was “embargoed” so no-one could take any info with them. One consultant from the American Academy of Pediatrics decided his grandson would not be vaccinated, but yet, the group spent the next 2 days discussing how to cover up the data as they were concerned about the detrimental effects on the vaccine industry’s bottom-line.  CDC’s Dr. Chen was relieved this information had been kept out of “less responsible hands”, and the WHO’s Dr. Clements declared “the study shouldn’t have been done”…” or the results should have been handled”. All this was later released with the Freedom of Information Act.

A confidential report from GlaxoSmithKline leaked on Belgian website: Initiative Citoyeene, shows 1,742 “adverse” events from the Prevenar 13 (6-in-one) vaccine, Journal of Medicine just noted that 97% of mumps out breaks in 2009 was in vaccinated kids (89% was vaccinated twice!), and different report shows a 4,250% increase in VAERS reported fetal deaths from the 2009/10 flu season when pregnant women were injected with both the flu and the H1N1 flu vaccine. THE CDC hides this in their figures by cleverly excluding that year, by including up till 2009 and skipping to end of 2010. The 2013 winter flu season numbers are double the normal rate. If flu vaccines are so good, why? Why have Merck paid some $3,9 million to promote various vaccines?


The vaccinologists have adopted this idea of vaccine induced herd immunity. The problem with it is that all vaccines only confer temporary protection… I think this is not something that’s really understood generally by the public: Vaccines do not confer the same type of immunity that natural exposure to the disease does. … Do vaccine complications ultimately cause more chronic illness and death than infectious diseases do? ”  says Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC). There is also plenty of information on how cleanliness, hygiene etc. eradicated many communicable diseases before vaccinations did.

However, the lies are still perpetuated and pregnant women and children are still bombarded with mercury lazed vaccines. Only 10% of flu vaccines given are non-mercury. The problem is “regular” vaccines contain 25 mcg mercury, “non-mercury” vaccines still contain 3 mcg mercury… and the EPA says over 5 mcg is too toxic for adults…In addition, all vaccines also contain a variety of neurotoxic aluminum, formaldehyde, petrochemicals, phthalates, alcohol, MSG, animal extracts and a host of other chemicals. Recent news says the live polio vaccinations distributed in India today, have apparently caused some 47,000 cases of polio-effects…

Phthalates are also in skincare and many other things, BPA’s are in food cans, formula, almost all plastics to some degree, and even paper receipts from the store…why? You are surrounded with brain damaging and cancerous EMF’s (electromagnetic fields) from all electronic gadgets we use; mercury in your light bulbs, your Christmas tree lights (if anyone breaks, you will need to evacuate and literally call a hazmat team for clean-up according to the EPA); lithium in your batteries, cellphones, electric cars; petrochemicals like Hexane in your so-called “green” grocery bags and “plant extract” omega fatty acid supplement and infant formula! Phthalates, BPAs and GMO’s are banned in many countries, why not here?

90% of corn, canola, soy, sugar and cotton is now GMO (genetically modified organisms), soaked in pesticides (more than conventional produce) and with its DNA altered, that will when consumed destruct all of your tissues. GMO is causing widespread infertility, neurological decline, plant and animal deaths. Unless a product says it’s “100% USDA Organic” you are now eating GMO’s. Even organic foods may be slightly GM due to cross pollination, thanks to Monsanto. 11% of “healthy” students use ADHD drugs like Ritalin and Adderall, for cognitive enhancements – some of the many side effects: aggressive behavior, psychotic episodes, seizures, bipolar and death…there is an epidemic of painkiller addiction, so much that death from it has exceeded car accidents, 16,500 annually, and 30% of babies born in some Florida counties are born addicted to OcyContin! OcyContin side effects: depression, agitation, hallucination and impotence, among several hundred side effects… have anyone seen someone “high” on OcyContin? “Out of it zombie” is a good description. What are these babies going to be like as adults? How does a woman do this to her baby, and how do her doctors let her?                         The doctor responsible for widening pain medication prescriptions, Dr. Russell Portenoy, now has second thoughts…His own mother is addicted. Most people responsible for any one death, usually goes to jail…(16,500 dead a year, so likely over 100,000 dead since 1990), but the pharmaceutical, medical industry and the FDA has voted themselves immune to even lawsuits of adverse drug events resulting from addictive opioid pain pills and vaccines.

Is there any wonder we end up with so much mental illness, autism, Asperger’s and ADHD, etc.. in children? The medical industry tries to blame it on Genetic mutation but only 1% can attributed to that. Read Andy Berman’s interview on mental illness

All school shootings have happened with mentally ill boys. Boys are the weaker sex from conception until puberty and seem to be more affected by everything. The latest school shooter, Adam apparently suffered from bi-polar and Asperger’s, his mom who also had mental health issues, had isolated him from his dad and others, he was on Fanapt, a medication for schizophrenia (side effects: suicide, aggression, major depression, mania, delusion etc…), was obsessed with violent video games and probably shouldn’t ever have been around guns. He was obviously smart enough that he planned this event quite meticulously down to destroying his computer to hide his plans. He was unable to “buy” his own guns due to Connecticut’s strict gun laws, and so took his mom’s. This was premeditated and carefully executed as he may have been angry at his mom for planning to place him in an institution where he might have gotten some help. Nothing would have stopped him.                                                                                                                                        Will the investigation actually teach us how/if  it could have been prevented? Will they use his medical records, and the moms prenatal medical records to learn from? Ie: medications, vaccinations stressful events, complications….What was both of their diets like? What was their exercise history? Will add they add up lifestyle factors of both, including the violent video games, etc… and use it for education and future medical illness prevention? Will the hypocritical celebrities starring in one violent movie after another (now calling for more gun restrictions) actually stop making those movies? NO on all counts. Hollywood just got themselves LESS regulations on sawn-off shotguns as movie props…and over Christmas the FDA allowed Genetically Modified Salmon…

We have to stop mental illness where it starts.

Studies have shown schizophrenia is linked to anorexia or sever stress in the first trimester of a pregnancy, and children, especially boys born to moms who smoked while pregnant are more likely to be criminally violent. Even a dad’s lifestyle, in particular drug use prior to conception, even 10-20 years earlier, can affect the future mental health of his child by damaging his own DNA. Violent media (TV, movies & video games) is shown to affect violent behavior of the very young and those not of sound mind. The elimination of the 10 commandments from schools in the 60s is directly linked to increased youth violence by 700%, and stressful family events, a lack of family structure and good parenting can also contribute do a decline in morals and behavior. We will never prevent all violence and/or mental illness as there will always be “lemons” that can’t be controlled with laws, gun control or even better health and mental care. Adams genetic material has been extracted for research into what might be his “flawed gene”. This will most likely be used against innocent people with similar genes on all sorts of levels from employment, medically to legally, instead of finding out “how” he got messed up for future prevention.

Unfortunately this last massacre will likely end up in more useless gun restrictions, which no criminal or mad person cares about anyway, and more forced anti-depressant, psychotic and ADHD medicalization of kids which will only make matters worse. The drug companies will use this to profit. Profits used to fund government agencies, medical industry, charities, and political donations. Obama who is embroiled in sending weapons to Mexican drug cartels and to various rebel groups in the Middle East, said in a recent Barbara Walters interview  – “…I like men with guns (Secret service) around my daughters for protection”. So, why shouldn’t all kids have armed protection, at school and home? A new FBI report states that the number of murders by hammers & clubs is 50% higher than by rifles and murders by fists are 100% higher than by rifles. Murders overall are way down.

America needs to wake up and realize our brains are being turned into mush deliberately. But we have a choice, and there is an awful lot that we can do, to ensure better mental health. The Drake Institute in CA has a great track record of programs without drugs for suffering kids. For future generations:  eating much healthier and Organic is vital; supplementing with comprehensive multi-vitamins, omega fatty acids, probiotics; exercising (for both the “happy” hormone endorphins and oxygen, as oxygen deprivation in utero is linked to ADHD and depression –  prenatal fitness is also linked to better language skills which is linked to better anger management skills in toddlers says a new study from PA State U.); avoiding or limiting exposure to chemicals, especially drugs and vaccines, and getting enough sunshine (for the “happy” vitamin D as deficiencies are linked to all mental and physical diseases). Particularly during pregnancy to protect our DNA, chromosomes and telomeres, for the sake of our future babies health.

Mental health starts in the womb. But… will we do it?  Will more than a few educated on the topic start to question why we are surrounded with brain altering chemicals? Why is there BPA on retail paper receipts? Why are there chemicals in baby food and prenatal supplements? Why do all so-called “green products” like light bulbs, solar panels, grocery bags, contain mercury, petro-chemicals etc… Why do Coke and Pepsi add salt and chemicals to their bottled water? … Why is there toxic fluoride in our water? Why after processing all natural nutrients out of food, do they put only a few nutrients back and synthetic versions in addition to a long list of chemicals? Why did the FDA approve Genetically Modified Salmon over Christmas? The list is endless.

Will more than a few, demand a ban on some of these chemicals and /or the use of them in certain products (some chemicals like mercury is naturally excreted in nature, so it can’t be all-out banned).

There are certainly other mental health management issues not covered here, but this article is now long enough…. A new Swedish project underway, will at least study 4,000 pregnant women and how  chemicals alter the health of a growing baby in utero.

“Fit Moms Make Fit Babies, Fit Babies make Smarter Children”.